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Forex Simulator

Online fx simulator

Replay forex markets in the browser.

No more risky software installs, no need to download historical fx-data.

Autoplay or bar by bar steps

forex simulator replay

Quick units based market order, 1 unit min trade size

forex simulator market-order

Simple fast and convenient backtesting, all major US pairs ready.


Testing trading strategies online

Fast switching between sessions

Run many simultaneous sessions on multiple browser tabs

Forexthrive simulator by forethrive

Set custom trading instrument BID/ASK Spreads

Dynamic values based on market volatility

Forexthrive simulator by forethrive

Preset stop orders distance

Take-profit and stop loss applied by single click

Forexthrive simulator by forethrive

Create and store many named sessions

Trading different margin equity, leverage, account types and timespans

Forexthrive simulator by forethrive

Standart account

You can have only one position, at the same time for the same symbol.

Opposite positions will selloff each other according to the trading volume.

Hedging account

Margin will be calculated based upon the largest side of a hedged position

You can have multiple positions, at the same time for the same symbol.

Forexthrive simulator by forethrive

Compare trading strategies performance

Trading Analytics

Drawdown Risk Active Monitoring

Good trading strategy is the one that best suits your personality.

The best trading strategy is the one that most suits market conditions.

Forexthrive start new session

Finding and identifying the best markets for your trading style is very slow process.

Simulators and backtesting make trading strategy validation faster,
easier and more understandable.

Forexthrive start new session

Session statistics

Closed Trades
Open Trades
Buy Trades
Sell Trades
Win Rate
Profit Trades
Loss Trades
Consecutive Wins (max)
Consecutive Losses (max)
Best Trade USD
Worst Trade USD
Total Traded Volume (units)
Average Profit
Average Trade Pips
Average Trade Volume
Average Trade Duration
Average Win Trade USD
Average Loss Trade USD
Average Buy Duration
Average Sell Duration

Trading session statistics introduce comparable clearly distinctable data-driven validation mechanism.

Superior trading tool