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01.The Data

More than 10 years of highest quality historical rates.

The app reproduces price movements based on 1 minute OHLC historical bars. This means that your trades pass thru 1440 bars for each tested day, for most kinds of trading strategies the simulation will have decent accuracy. But it's not appropriate to be used for scalping and other high-frequency trading strategies.

The data comes from diversified sources, like trading platforms, forex brokers, data donators.
Right place to say that we do appreciate data donations etc..
Our historical data sets are constantly updating. The goal is to retrive, as much quality data as possible, from as much sources as possible, then data goes through quality/consistency check algorithm. Improving data quality and quantity improves backtesting results accuracy.

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02.The Charts

Highest quality data, require highest quality visualization solution.

This piece of art is created by TradingView and it is the most advanced HTML5 charting library of all time.

Thanks to them, we have a full set of indicators and drawing tools, for each kind of technical analysis.

03.Event-Driven Backtesting

features/trading instrumets

Fast-Forwarding Bar-by-bar or fast replay
23+ Instruments
Free ver. 4 instruments
Trading Account types Standart and Hedget
Choose your start date Try different market conditions
Store up to 3 sessions Restore your sessin state at any time
Backtesting 1 pair Need moore, get in touch or A$T
Order types Market / Conditional STOP-LIMIT orders

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04.The Analitycs

Useful Metrics

Maximum drawdown
Profit Factor
Gross Profit
Gross Loss
Average Trade Profit
Average Trade Pips
Average Trade Volume
Avg Won Trade Duration
Avg Lost Trade Duration
Average Winning Trade $
Average Losing Trade $
Win Rate
Number of Winning Trades
Number of Losing Trades
Max Consecutive Wins
Max Consecutive Losses
Best Trade
Worst Trade
Total Traded Volume