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Test Trading | Strategy development

We all have a limited time and ability to focus.

Backtesting | No-Coding | Trading simulator

Enhances the learning process by turning it into a fun and enjoyable activity.

success ingredients

The fastest way to build and validate a trading strategy.

Practice Makes Perfect

but practice cost time, and time is invaluable

Practice-based Learning

Purposeful and timely practice leads to better and stable trading results. Backtesting allows you to acquire new knowledge and skills that can be built upon and developed further. With trading rehearsal, you can practice at different speeds and actively fast-forward or jump to specific points in time 'bar by bar.'

Embrace Risk Management

Stable and precise trading activity even at backtesting speeds as 1 Day per second. Real historical data. Replay prices, recreate markets and build profitable trading strategy. Just few hours not few months to validate your resilience to changing market conditions.


Simple yet powerful

Makes you more productive in the age of distraction

Gamified forex simulator

Keeps you fiercely focused and unwaveringly committed to the plan, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt as needed. It's your express route to pinpointing vulnerabilities or strengths, gauging progress, and executing precision adjustments when required.

No coding just backtesting

No programming is required. Online backtesting tool for progressive strategy development. We cut away complexity. Now anyone can backtest to build, and improve trading strategies. Take control of your financial future with simplicity and confidence.

Make it fun to repeat

Having fun helps building and reinforcing healthy habits

Enjoy the process
Whether it's a negative trading day or a bad trading strategy, simulators provide a safe, quick, and free way to learn from your mistakes. Learning from failure is the key to success. Enhance your trading skills risk-free and maintain a positive outlook at all times.
Harness the power of gamification
We use games to encourage more play to encourage more learning. Together, we rise, learn, and inspire. Increase your risks awareness in the world of trading.
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Our mission
The awakening of retail traders
Igniting a Revolution in Finance with the Power of the Many. It's time for a collective awakening, a relentless pursuit of knowledge, and a tenacious commitment to defy the odds. Together, we can reshape the landscape of financial success.
Backtesting first, deposits last
Learn Money Management techniques and strategies to limit risk while simultaneously increasing the reward. Validate and improve your trading skills.
Forex tester that protect your trading capital
Test your trading strategy and avoid falling for easy money ads, paid influencers with promotional stories, and sellers of guaranteed signals. A few hours of backtesting can save you a lot of money.
Fx Market Replay
No coding skills required. We made backtesting accessible for retail traders. Test advanced strategies with full set of order types as Limit/Market, OCA/OCO, TP/SL. Standard Netting (FIFO) account Multi-Pair trading capable.
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Try it first, making sure that the tool works and generates value for you is as important to us. We welcome questions; save time and money by asking us.
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